UCI Fictitious Ranking Asia Tourで3位

1月31日にUCIのオフィシャルウェブサイトにて発表されたUCI Fictitious Ranking Asia Tourにおいて、愛三工業レーシングはChampion system Pro CyclingとTerengganu Pro Cyclingに継いで3位になり、UCIコンチネンタルチームの中では2位になりました。


(下記参考:UCI Regulartion抜粋)
UCI Regulation Part 2 Road Races Chapter 1 Calendar and Participation
2.1.007 BIS
-The organiser of a class 2 event in the Europe Tour or class 1 or class 2 events in the America, Asia, Africa or Oceania Tours must invite:
- the first 3 UCI continental teams in the classification by team for the relevant continental circuit
published in the year of the event. This classification is elaborated on the basis of an assessment of the sporting value of the continental teams registered by the UCI administration. This classification will be used for all the invitations for that season.

-The organiser must accept entries from above mentioned teams who have responded positively to an invitation.



UCI Fictitious Ranking Asia Tour (PDF)